Buckeye Tracking club
South Farm April 15, 2012

Judges: Ken Barna & Judi Edwards

Hawk's Hunt Beale Treasure CD RA HT

German Shepherd Dog NEW TD!
owner Tom Snee

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Raconteur Cosmic Dust TD
owner: Nancy Ventresco

Cardigan Corgi National
(TD/TDX put on by the Buckeye Tracking club for the Corgi folks)
Charlemont Reservation April 22, 2012


Teche the Rising VCD1 RA MX MXJ OF Beagle New TDX!
owners: Mike and Ursula Lehman

photo by Ursula Lehman

Crosswinds Here I Am TD Whippet New TDX!
ower: Kathy Kennedy

photo by Ursula Lehman



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